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Even though fireplaces are nice, its better if your car does not get broken into at AMLI Apartments in Addison Texas. The apartment manager refuses to give Addison Texas Police Department Key Fobs To enter the complex so they cannot patrol, or quickly enter the complex in the event of emergency.

imageWe sometimes think that we cannot realize everything we want in such a limited space, referring to an apartment, might it be a block apartment or a villa apartment. But either way we can adapt the already existent dimensions or we will think in such a manner that we will create the space we need to bring in a new piece of furniture that we really want or maybe make some mounted bookshelves on one wall of the room.

You can even place a fireplace, an object that usually takes up a lot of space and requires unwanted modifications.

A fireplace can be placed in a corner of a room and it could be, for design’s sake, linked with some mounted bookshelves that can total a real bookcase.

Depending on the dimensions of our room, we will make a design sketch for the wanted fireplace and for the bookshelves made out of wood or wood-like materials that will be chosen accordingly to the objects that are already situated in the room or accordingly to the material the fireplace will be build from (I mean the material the fireplace has on the surface, not the one it is actually made of).

If we have a tall room then we can build a tall fireplace. In the case it will grow a lot up or on the contrary, grow horizontally quite a bit, we will have to keep in mind ventilation. In an apartment we might have to use the common ventilation system unless we are on the top floor. To deal with this aspect you will have to bring a specialist and let him do the calculations and plans needed.

We can think of the fireplace creatively. Why not designing it as a multitude of stairs that will serve as support for different object we can find around the room? Or we can create spaces to store fire wood that will have just a decorative purpose in a block apartment where the fire can be made using gas. But they will bring the rustic image closer to you and will provide the room with infinite connotations.

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